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410 E. Cedar Creek Parkway, Seven Points, TX 75143

Best Friends of the Library

Best Friends: A great Library needs more than great books...it needs great Friends like you! 

Best Friends is a group of dedicated volunteers who have raised thousands of dollars in the last several years towards the operating budget of The Library. They also provide volunteers for various Library operations.

Joining the Best Friends group is a great opportunity to ensure that our growing community can continue to enjoy library services. It is also a wonderful way to get involved in educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for yourself and your neighbors! 

Types of memberships and annual rates:

  • Student $2
  • Senior $10
  • Individual $15
  • Family $25
  • Business $25 

Upcoming Events

Fall Book, Bake, Plant & Stuff Sale

Breakfast with Santa: December

Brick and Tile Opportunity

The Best Friends are sponsoring a brick and tile fundraiser that has allowed people to memorialize loved ones and to also make themselves a permanent part of the history of The Library.
The bricks and tiles line the covered entrance of The Library and there are Veterans Memorial bricks surrounding the flag pole in front. 

Adoption Program

The Adoption Program is yet another way that you can contribute to The Library. By adopting a shelf, chair, computer, computer workstation, table, or any number of items, a permanent "Adoption Plaque" will be placed on that item to honor your contribution. 

Membership forms, as well as Brick, Tile and Adoption Program forms are available at The Library.  Be sure to ask us about other special donation opportunities!


Best Friends of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake
P.O. Box 43711
Seven Points, TX. 75143

Officers for Fiscal Year 2020

  • President: Sue Brown
  • President-Elect:  Zelda McGibboney
  • Treasurer: Gil Betts
  • Secretary: Pat Janow
  • Hospitality: Gloria Wood
  • Bricks and Tile: Sue Brown
  • Ex officio:  Sondra Price
  • Library Board Liason:  Gil Betts/Sue Brown

Type of Organization: 501(c)3 non-profit

Purpose Statement: To foster closer relations between The Library at Cedar Creek Lake and its patrons; to raise operating funds for The Library; to promote knowledge of The Library's functions and resources; and to raise special project funds for The Library.

Major Fundraising Events

  • Spring and Fall Book, Plant & Bake Sales
  • December: Breakfast with Santa
  • All Year: Brick and Tile, and Adoption Programs