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Compiled List of Library Policies



 An adult (18 years and over) must present proof of identity (Texas driver’s license) and fill out an application to obtain a library card. The library card is free. Anyone living in the Greater Cedar Creek Lake community is eligible for a library card.

A child (17 years and under) can receive a library card. The signature of parent or legal guardian is required. The parent must meet the requirements of an adult card. The parent or legal guardian accepts legal responsibility for the child’s use of the library and all materials checked out on the child’s card.

Library cards may not be used by anyone but the person to whom the card is issued. All registered children are to have a registered parent.

  By applying for borrowing privileges, the applicant agrees to abide by all rules of the library and agrees to pay for any lost or damaged materials checked out on his card. The patron is responsible for all items checked out on this card, and he also agrees to notify the library if his card is lost or stolen.

Library cards are non-expiring. To ensure that the library maintains accurate patron information, twice a year the library staff will ask patrons to confirm their current address, phone number, and other information required by the library.

Replacement of a lost card may be obtained upon verification of identification and upon payment of the current card replacement fee ($5.00).

The borrower’s card remains the property of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake. Borrowing privileges may be suspended if the borrower flagrantly violates the Library rules and policies.

The librarian may deny service to any person for failure to return borrowed items, for refusal to pay fines, for destruction of library property, or for objectionable conduct in the Library. In any of these cases, the librarian’s decision will be final unless the Library Board in reviewing the case reverses the decision.



 At the time application is made for a new library card, the applicant may check out two (2) items. After the first visit, patrons in good standing are allowed to check out up 10 items .There is a limit of two (2) items per subject area in nonfiction. There is a limit of two (2) fiction books per author. There is a limit of three DVDs per family. DVDs cannot be checked out by anyone 17 years of age or younger.

Renewal of items is allowed if there are no reserves on the materials. Telephone renewals are accepted.

Library materials circulate for two (2) weeks.

A patron needs to have their library card with them to check out materials.



 Materials become overdue at the opening of the library day following the due date on the item. A fine of $.20 per item per day is charged on all materials. Late charges may not exceed $10.00 per item overdue.

It is in the interest of all users of the library that borrowers return materials within the time limits set by the Library. The Library will utilize phone calls and overdue notices to inform patrons of overdue materials.

 Borrowers with overdue materials on their cards are not considered to be patrons in good standing. No new items can be checked out if a patron has overdue items on their record.



 The Library at Cedar Creek Lake is a public institution dedicated to the purposes of reading, study, and research. This code of conduct was established for the comfort and protection of all who use the facilities of the library. We ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to study, programming, and enjoyable use of the Library. In order to maintain a suitable environment for these purposes, the Library Board of Directors has adopted the following rules governing the use of the Library.


  Loitering in the Library building or on its grounds is prohibited.

 Shoes and shirts are required; bathing suits are prohibited in the building.

 Food and beverages are not allowed in the Library Reading Room or the Community Room without permission of the Library Director.

 Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the Library building.

Running or throwing objects is prohibited.

Soliciting in the Library building or on its grounds is prohibited.

Congregating for any purpose, other than use of Library resources, is prohibited except for authorized meetings.

 Individuals under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs are not permitted on library premises.

Disruptive or abusive language/behavior is prohibited.

Library staff may request to see a patron’s library card or other form of identification.

Damaging, defacing or misusing library resources, equipment or facilities is prohibited.

Patrons guilty of flagrant or serious violation of the above rules may be asked to leave the library and/or have their library cards suspended or revoked.

Library personnel are encouraged to call the police when necessary to enforce any of the above rules.

These rules may be supplemented, altered, added to or changed by the Library Board of Directors at its discretion.



As part of its mission to offer a broad spectrum of information and a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities, The Library at Cedar Creek Lake offers access to electronic resources.

Electronic Resource Users may not:

Use the workstations to gain access to the Library’s networks or computer systems or to any other network or computer system.

 Obstruct other people’s work by consuming gratuitously large amounts of system resources or by deliberately crashing any Library computer system.

Violate the system security of the Library’s computers or any computer access through the Library’s equipment.

 Make any attempt to cause degradation of computer system performance.

 Use any Library workstation for any illegal or criminal purpose.

 Engage in any activity which is deliberately and maliciously offensive, libelous, or slanderous.

 Use impolite or abusive language.

 Interfere with the operation of any computer, alter, damage, or destroy computer programs without the effective consent of the owner or licensee of those resources. These acts may be considered a misdemeanor or felony crime under Texas state law (SECTION 1. Title 7, Chapter 33, Section 33.02a.)


 The Library at Cedar Creek Lake is not responsible for the loss of any data or damage or liability that may occur from your use of the Library’s computer.

 To use the Internet workstations, the user must have a library card for The Library at Cedar Creek Lake. Children under 12 cannot use the Internet without their parent or guardian being present with them at the workstation.

 The Internet terminals can be reserved in advance at the circulation desk or by calling the Library. The workstations can be used for one hour. If no one is waiting for the computer, you may stay an additional 30 minutes.

No more than two people may sit at the computer at one time.

Computer equipment may not be checked out of the Library.

 Patrons misusing the equipment may lose their computer privileges. Patrons are responsible for paying damages if they abuse the Library’s computer equipment or software.

Printing is available. The cost is 20 cents per page.

  Children’s Internet Protection

 The purpose of this document is to formalize in writing The Library’s Internet safety policy for minors, as part of its user rules and guidelines, and to ensure The Library, at a minimum, is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

This policy addresses access by minors to inappropriate material on the Internet; the safety and security of minors when using direct electronic communications (mail, chat rooms, etc.); unauthorized access and other unlawful online activities by minors; unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information, and measures designed to restrict minors’ access to material deemed harmful.

The Library has implemented a “protection measure”, generally referred to as an Internet filter, to block access to visual depictions deemed obscene, child pornography, or material harmful to minors on each of its Internet enabled computers.  More specifically, The Library has installed two Dell SonicWALL TZ 105 routers with Content Filtering Service Premium Business Edition software.

This Internet filter is in addition to The Library’s requirements to educate, supervise, and monitor, all minors using a computer in The Library to ensure legal, authorized, safe, and appropriate online activities.

August 12, 2013


 Due to the size, nature, and staffing of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake, the Library should not, and cannot, act as a museum or research facility. The Library does accept gifts of books, periodicals, and other materials with the understanding that they will be added to the Library collection when and if needed.

The Library at Cedar Creek Lake shall have the right to accept or refuse all donations to the Library. The Library Director may accept books, periodicals, videos, and audiocassettes. The Library Board of Directors evaluates more special or unusual items (furnishings, paintings and personal collections.)

Materials received will become the property of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.

All books and materials are accepted with the understanding that the Library reserves the right to make such disposition as is fitting of duplicates and titles not needed by the Library.

It is the policy of the Library not to accept special collections on the condition that they be kept together as a separate physical entity. Material will be accepted only with the understanding that it may be integrated into the general collection.

When the Library receives a cash gift for the purchase of materials, selection will be based primarily on the needs of the Library.

Donors wishing a receipt for donated items are to prepare their own lists of items donated. No estimate of value or record of items will be furnished by the Library. A donor of a rare item or one of unusual value should employ an appraiser for tax purposes.

The Library reserves the right to decide the conditions of display, housing, and access to the materials.

 When gift materials are deemed no longer useful, the library will dispose of them on the same basis it disposes of other materials.

  Monetary Donations:

 A donor of a book in memory of or in honor of a person must fill out The Library at Cedar Creek Lake Book Donation Form. The check is made payable to The Library at Cedar Creek Lake.

The form and the cash/check should be given to the Library Director.

A letter of acknowledgement is sent to the donor and the honoree.

 A special bookplate with the name of the donor and honoree is placed in the front of the book. Once processing is completed, the book is added to the collection.

 Gift Books:

  The Library at Cedar Creek Lake will have the right to accept or refuse all donations made to the Library. The Library Director makes the final decision on accepting donations.

The decision to include the materials in the Library’s collection will be based on the same principles of selection that are applied to purchases of materials by the Library. In addition, consideration will be given to the number of copies of the item currently in the collection and the physical condition of the gift materials.

All books and materials are to be accepted with the understanding that the Library reserves the right to make such disposition as is fitting of duplicates and titles not needed in the collection. The Library will dispose of all gift materials which are rejected to the best advantage.

The Library will not accept storage responsibility of historical documents or objects owned or controlled by groups or individuals.


 The Library’s phone may be used for emergencies only.


 The Library assumes no responsibility for unattended children. The Library defines unattended children as an individual under 15 years of age without a caretaker/parent in the Library.


In keeping with this policy, staff members shall not engage in any conduct which would appear that the Library Board or staff will be responsible for the child’s safety or well-being. Such conduct may subject the staff and/or Library Board to liability if the child sustains any damages. Conduct which should be avoided includes but is not limited to:

 Taking the child to his/her home or transporting the child.

 Permitting the child to be in your personal vehicle.

 Detaining or restraining the child.

Questioning the identity of the child’s ride giver. (When in doubt, make a note of the description of the car and driver, license tag, and contact the police.)

 Staff members will assist a child in contacting a caretaker/parent in the situations stated below.

 Unattended Children during Service Hours

Staff members may assist a frightened child if it is determined that a child cannot find his/her parent or is left unattended. A staff member should bring the child to the Library Director or his/her designate. The Library Director or his/her designate should try to identify and locate the parents or responsible adults.

Staff members may walk around the Library with the child, helping the child look for the parent/caretaker.

If the parent is not found in the building, the Library Director or his/her designate should attempt to contact the parent by searching patron records, phone book, or city directory, etc.

Staff members may offer use of the telephone (including long distance.)

If unable to locate the parents, the staff member may call the police after 15 minutes.

Under no circumstances should a staff member take the child out of the building.

Unattended Children at Closing

Staff member in charge and the other staff member on duty will remain with unattended children at closing.

It is appropriate to ask a child if and when his/her ride is coming; do they live close by; what is your age; is there someone else you can call for a ride; does your ______________know the Library closes at 7:00 p.m. (or 1:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m.)?

Provide the use of the telephone (including long distance call.)

After 15 minutes contact police dispatch.

Explain situation to police dispatch officer, how long you’ve waited, age of child, how long the library has been closed. Staff may leave once the police arrive.


Items remaining unreturned 90 days abfter the check out date are deemed to have been lost by the patron. The patron shall pay to the Library the cost of replacing the lost item. The Library Director may make such agreements and arrange such terms of payment, including adjustments to the cost of replacement, as the Library Director may deem appropriate to the situation. Issues dealing with replacement of items and arrangements for payment of items having values greater than $25.00 may be brought before the Board of Directors of the Library.

The following charges apply to damaged or lost materials:


  • Carrying cases and containers - $5.00
  • Removal of barcode - $5.00
  • Materials lost or damaged beyond repair – current retail price plus $5.00 for processing.
  • Materials that can be repaired by the library staff - $5.00



 Purpose of Exhibits

Exhibits function as an integral part of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake’s total program of public service. They are planned to direct the attention of the public to the materials, services and aims of the Library.

The following rules shall serve as guidelines:

No outside organization or individual shall be permitted to display or exhibit any materials, leaflets, or posters that advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office, or that advocate an affirmative or negative vote regarding any proposition, political or otherwise.

No exhibit shall be permitted that advocates a particular religious belief or that encourages attendance at a religious service. No display shall be set up in the Library for distribution of religious materials. No display shall be permitted that denigrates any religious belief or advocates atheism or any other philosophical stance against religion. Religious and philosophical materials shall be a normal part of the Library’s bibliographic collection, following the Library’s selection policy.

No organization or individual shall be permitted to place in the Library any box, receptacle, or canister that solicits donations. Posters announcing bazaars or programs sponsored by any religious or fraternal or any other organization may not be displayed.

 Plans of Exhibits

The Library Director shall control the content and arrangement of exhibits. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display if the items to be exhibited are contrary to the Library’s community responsibility. Every item used must meet the Library’s standards of value and quality.

Booklists, posters, signs, brochures, publicity, and all materials relative to any exhibit shall be controlled by the Library.

 Coordination of Exhibits

 All exhibits and displays shall be coordinated through the Library Director. The length of time for any exhibit is recommended to not exceed six weeks. Longer periods of time will be approved at the discretion of the Library Board of Directors.

 Types of Exhibits

The Library will use materials from its own holdings whenever possible to publicize the collections and services of the Library.

The Library may invite outside exhibitors to display materials in the Library, when the materials are appropriate to the library’s needs and purposes and follow the exhibit policy.

Non-solicited requests for display space from outside exhibitors shall be directed to the Library Director who will carefully evaluate the requests. The request must be submitted in writing, including a list of the contents of the exhibit and a description of the presentation.

The final authority regarding the acceptance or rejection of outside exhibits for Library displays rests with the Library Director or the Library Board of Directors. The decision is final.

 Conditions of Exhibit

 Responsibility of the exhibitor shall include, but not be limited to the following: 

  • Identification on the display of the group or individual sponsoring it.
  • Setting up and removing the display.
  • Maintaining the display in a condition acceptable to the Library.
  • Signing a written release assuming sole responsibility for all damages to the display and the facility because of the display, either directly or indirectly.
  • Providing a statement, if required, that the viewpoints of the display are not necessarily those of The Library at Cedar Creek Lake or its Board of Directors.

The Library will provide no insurance for exhibits. Precautions will be taken to assure the safety of exhibits. A locked exhibit case will be used when practical.

The exhibitor is responsible for setting up and dismantling exhibits and any such related activities under the direction of library personnel.

The Library shall in no way act as agent for the sale of items from an outside exhibit.


  • Purchase prices shall not be posted, nor shall they be listed in exhibit brochures.


  • Inquiries from visitors to the exhibit regarding purchase prices shall be sent to the outside exhibitor or his official agent.


  • Transactions for the purchase of exhibit items shall be directly between the purchaser and the outside exhibitor or his official agent. Such transactions shall not be conducted in the Library.


  • The Library shall receive no fees, commissions or other remuneration with the sale of material from outside exhibits.


  • Library staff members shall be treated as any other citizen concerning the purchase of items from outside exhibits.


  • No exhibit material that is sold during its display in the Library may be removed from the exhibit before the end of the exhibition period, unless such removal and rearrangement of the display is approved by the Library Director.

If the Library does not receive notification of where an exhibit shall be shipped (i.e., a traveling exhibit), or if the exhibit is not claimed within 15 days after the closing date, there will be a charge of $10.00 a day storage fee. This fee shall begin on the 16th day following the close of the exhibit. If the items in question are not claimed within 6 weeks after the closing date of said exhibit, the Library is not responsible for the exhibit and may dispose of the items as they see fit.


 The Library will protect, as far as possible, the privacy of any patron who uses the Library.


  • Under no circumstances will the staff of the Library provide information to a third party about what a patron of the Library is reading or calling for from the Library’s collection.
  • The Library will not yield any information about its patrons or their reading to any agency of government, whether local, state, or federal, without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • The Library will not inquire into the purpose for which a patron requests information or books.

The Library may keep records required for loaning books or answering reference questions. The sole purpose of such records is to protect property or provide better service.